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Find Good Cheap Cell Phone

The first step in finding a good cheap cell phone is to know your budget. Having an idea of how much you are willing to spend is one way of finding a good cheap cell phone. There are several budget smartphones that are offered by several big brands of mobile phones. You can find a good cheap cell phone from phone manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung and Alcatel. These mobile phone companies know that there is a huge demand for budget phones, and they are consistently releasing new lines of mid ranged smartphones that are affordable to the general consumer.

Know what features you will most likely use on a regular basis. High end smartphones offer a vast array of cutting edge features that can prove to be unnecessary for an average phone user. Budget smartphones that have Wi-Fi connectivity, decent processor speed and expandable memory are good enough features that can deem them worthy to be called as smartphones.

People who are looking for a good cheap cell phone that can be used for basic

PC Running Perfectly

Eliminate Old Files

When many of files is taking up the majority of files in a computer, it can cause the computer to run slower over all. It will take longer to start up basic word programs, load web pages, and so on. Many free email services give space to save documents and pictures, or these files can be stored on a flash drive to free up space on your computer. Many consumers notice an improved performance after cleaning out their computer.

Get Rid of Malware

Malware is similar to a virus, but it can cause an increase of damage to computers. For example, malware can infect a computer and then cause the cooling system to stop working, resulting in a computer that is overheated. After this, the computer’s hard drive will no longer work. The only solution is usually to buy a new computer.

Instead of dealing with this hassle, download a free program that is designed to specifically get rid of malware. Once the malware on a computer has been

Improve Technology Skills

1) Improve your typing speed

Time yourself initially and see how many words you can type per minute. By and by try to type more per minute. Practice a little every day and you will get better and better at it.

2) Teach yourself how to pick up good stuff from the internet

When you come across something that interests you over the web, use your rational logic and ask yourself, “Is this going to help or hurt me?” Make a choice and carry it out. In this way extract always the good stuff and filter out the bad from the web.

3) Don’t always rely on the tech guy

Things like formatting your computer can easily be done by you instead of always calling in the tech guy. Learn and relearn and you will find yourself to be an expert at it.

4) Learn new programming skills

What programming skills do you currently possess? What is new out there? Research and find out. Go through the modern languages which you do not know yet and

Comfortable Over Ear Headphones

AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones

Yet another strong contender for the most comfortable over-ear headphones. The AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones boasts some really great qualities that make it comfortable to wear on those long waits or walks. Its sound quality and durability also make it quite popular for people commuting to work or just taking a walk around town, they are also an excellent pair of DJ headphones.

Comfort: The AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones really shines in terms of its overall comfort. It deserves at least 5 stars in this department as you can wear it for hours without having to worry about your ears being irritated. Its headband is also adjustable to optimize the comfort that it can provide for anyone who wants to wear them.

Durability: Three stars in this department. Of course, as long as you won’t actively try to break them, it’ll probably last for a while.

Quality: The AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones have an overall good sound, earning it at least 4 stars in terms of good sound delivery.

Bowers & Wilkins P7

Look for in Android Phone

1. Design: You want your phone to look good. It should be worth showing around in a party. But along with that, you don’t want it to be too fragile to handle. Obviously, not every phone can be like the sturdy Nokia 1100. That mobile set is a legend. The trend today is having a sleek, 5-inch display smart phone.

2. Battery life: The main problem with phones today is the poor battery life. It takes a full night to get charged and hardly 4 hours to be dead. You can always think of buying an external battery charger. However, the expense of possessing one adds up to your bill. Therefore, while purchasing an Android smart phone, keep in mind the battery life and the battery capacity of the phone.

3. Camera: For most of the people, more megapixels mean a better smart phone. Who doesn’t want a good picture? After all, not everyone knows or wants a DSLR. ABe it posting to social networking sites like Facebook or uploading the pictures in Instagram, taking photos through your smart phone makes things easier. However, do not only look for the number of mega pixels on offer

Remove Music Album From IDevice

Now that you have a brand new copy of U2’s album in iTunes on your iPod Touch, your Mac your iPhone or your iPad and you want to remove it. Some users might be in shock with the automatic download of the album without any extra effort. However, it is possible to remove it if you follow the steps involved.

Working on iTunes with Desktop

The album has just got automatically downloaded to your iTunes when you accessed it. You can easily get rid of it by Albums-> Songs of Innocence-> Delete, there it is gone. Another thing is about purchases from an automatic download that needs to be stopped too. To do it, navigate to launch iTunes->Preferences-> Store tab and now deselect the option of Downloads box.

The album is available in the purchases of iTunes, if you want to hide it from there too then:

Launch iTunes->Quick Links-> Purchased, when you hover on the album an X mark will appear, click this to hide it.

Working with iDevice

When you open a song file, and you see a cloud icon then it indicates that the song is not currently on

Remote App Installation

Android Users

If you are an Android phone user then you can easily install apps remotely without actually manually getting into the settings of your phone. Here is what you need to do precisely:

• Go to the Google Play store from your Desktop system
• Login the Google account that is registered with your phone
• Go to the app that you would like to install on your phone
• Go to the information page of the app and select the device on which you want to install it
• Hit Installation button, now a dialog box will appear seeking permissions that you need to grant along with drop down list of devices that are tagged with the Google account
• Look through the list carefully and select the device for installing the app.

iOS Users

If you are using the latest iOS 7 even then you can use the feature of remotely installing an app on your device. Apply the following steps to perform the installation remotely:

• Your iOS device comes with a feature that enables remote installation but it should be enabled
• Go to Settings and scroll-> iTunes

Don’t Worries With iPad

Not minding the battery percentage

Some people want to be updated all the time and this includes how much battery is left on their iPad. However, this can lead you to be distracted especially when it is running low and you still have a lot of things that you need to do that needs your iPad. This is why having your multiple port iPad charging station with you will make you lessen your worries. If you want to turn the battery percentage, you can go to Settings, General, Usage then swipe the slider of Battery Percentage to Off.

Volume Mute

You may find yourself suddenly scrambling to turn off the sound of your iPad in the middle of a lecture, no need to worry now because the newer models have a lock button at the side which you can switch off anytime. You may also use this to lock the orientation of your screen. Alternatively, you can press down the lower volume button at the side for a few seconds until the sound turns off.

Getting rid of pop-ups like invitations to join WiFi networks

Don’t you hate it when you are in a middle of doing something like watching a

Keep Pictures Pretty With Tablet


This is an all in one app as it can also take pictures aside from editing them. It has a built-in stabilizer, which is beneficial for those who have unsteady hands. You can also zoom in to your subjects without going near because it has a 6x zoom function. You can edit a picture that you just took or from your camera roll and apply the many filters available. Pictures can also have built-in borders and can be shared instantaneously with the members of your social network.


This app will let you customize your pictures with over 100 effects, 280 overlays and almost 200 borders. It can also take new pictures if you do not want to edit your existing ones from your Camera roll. The edited pictures can be saved as high-resolution photos that can be printed out later. Your pictures can look like they were taken 50 years ago, oversaturated with colors, or muted in pastels.


You can enjoy almost the same features that you are used to in your favorite desktop photo editor with this app. It can support up to 5 layers and allows adjustment of the image, which includes gradient, color

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

VR (Virtual Reality), on the other hand, is quite different from AR. In fact, the two only share one thing in common – computer based simulation. As mentioned above, the simulation provided by VR needs to be of such good quality that it is indistinguishable from reality. Theoretically, this is impossible. Therefore, for practical purposes, VR only means a degree of approximation, sufficient for a user to get a ‘live’ experience of the simulated environment. Moreover, VR is interactive and responds sensorially, in ‘real-time’, and just as in real-life e.g. in a VR application, imagine you are in a forest, getting ready to burn a pile of cut-down bushes and dry leaves. You douse the pile with gasoline. A fox is keenly watching you from a nearby place. Then you throw a lighted match-stick on to the pile… the system will respond immediately showing a strong, quickly spreading fire burning on the pile, its shape occasionally altered by the blowing wind… and as in real-life… the fox (scared by the fire), must run away? – and it does! The system may allow you to change the direction, speed and alteration in the speed of the blowing wind, angle

Prevent Laptop Overheating

The internal fan of any laptop computer just isn’t powerful enough to keep the heat away from the inner components. Laptops today are getting more powerful and yet becoming smaller in size. This means all those working components such as the CPU and the hard drive have to be packed together into this tiny little space. It is no wonder that laptops just suddenly crash for no reason as there is no room for the hot air to escape.

Invest in a good laptop cooler pad and you will feel the difference of your laptop’s temperature. Information about all the top rated and bestselling cooling systems can be found on this laptop cooling pads list. You will find reviews, images, videos, pros and cons, comparisons, discount pricing and lots more.

An average lifespan of a laptop nowadays is considered to be around three years of good working order. After that time you are looking at its gradual wear and tear. The main cause of laptop breakdowns is overheating.

Below we will look at some of the symptoms your computer may have to determine whether it is in fact overheating. All of the symptoms below can

Identify Refurbished Cell Phones

First stop is the cell phone’s mobile carrier. As we all know most of the smartphones are “locked” to a specific mobile carrier; the mobile carriers could give you very valuable information about the phone. In other words, they can simply tell you if that cell phone has ever been registered with them to connect it to the network. All they need is an IMEI number, an ESN number, or some other unique number. In any case they can reveal the phone’s previous history if they want to. However, there might be chances of them not giving you the desired information. In that case you have another option to contact the Smartphones manufacturer. The manufacturers keep all the records of their serviced units whether repaired or refurbished. They can use the serial number of the phone to let you know the desired information.

Next in line is purchasing unlocked Smartphones. Unlocked Smartphone means that the phone has been altered to be used on any carrier’s network and this is okay. Retailers try to increase the market of the phone by unlocking it to connect to the multiple networks. However, you need to be careful while going for

Manage Other Storage in iDevice

iTunes is the place that helps you view different data storage available. You will be able to see date categories as photos, music, books, Apps, podcasts, and TV shows. You can individually check for any of the files to determine the storage space to manage your data. You can remove programs or files accordingly that are space hogging.

As far as other storage is concerned, it is all about data files that are other than iTunes file categories. This includes things like cache from Safari, Mail apps, attachments, e-mails, backup files, reading list, backup files, and files from jail-breaking devices. This is different from the primary data that is why you are not allowed to remove it using iTunes.

Viewing Other Storage

Now, you must be wondering where it is and how to locate it or view it. For this purpose you need to hook up one of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with your Mac or your PC and launch iTunes. Now, you need to click on the device name displayed in the window to get started. When the scanning is complete, go to the orange color bar that shows the memory consumed

Update Windows 10 Drivers

Some folks have had problems with their hardware devices not functioning with newer operating system versions. Having said that, you can solve this issue by downloading the proper Windows 10 drivers or to make sure your hardware products, as us tech nerds call them, communicate properly with your OS or operating system allowing you to keep streaming your retro 90’s mix as much as it may annoy your millennial friends.

Now, a lot of times, people think that when their hardware equipment (remember what we said hardware devices are?) is not working properly, that it is busted and needs to be pitched in the recycling bin.

Don’t be a fool! Remain cool, because a lot of the time, the issue is often caused by old or out of date drivers. Yes, the driver is causing the issue. Now isn’t that interesting?

As well, when people upgrade operating systems, for example, moving to Windows 10 they will become aware that certain pieces of hardware that were working okay before are all of a sudden not functioning now. What could be causing this grief and frustration? In a lot of these cases, these problems are caused by

Hiring Virtual Assistant

1. Stretch your budget. We all try to work within a budget. And one of the reasons why many people are considering a virtual assistant is because of its cost effectiveness. Consider spending more to hire a virtual assistant with more experience. Try to see it as an investment.

2. Communicate what you want. When hiring a virtual assistant it is important to let candidates know what you want and your expectations. You should also be clear about your budget, how long the contract will last, and the tasks you expect to be completed.

3. Test the water. Before agreeing to a long-term contract with a virtual assistant, assign a small job and see how the candidate will fare. Look into the discipline, scope of work, and timeliness of the VA candidate.

4. Availability of the VA. Most virtual assistant work for numerous clients at the same time. Make sure that the VA you will be hiring is available to go online during your clinic’s working hours or during the time when you need them the most. They should also be able to do multiple projects at the same time.

5. The quality of

Between Smart Watch and Smart Cuffs

While I personally don’t have any worries about my employer “opting to monitor” sensors in a smart watch (I run my own business) I have a broader concern about the general direction our society is heading by accepting the idea that it is OK for 3rd parties (employers, insurance companies, government, etc.) to monitor nearly every aspect of our lives. Granted, we as a society already give away a tremendous amount of information to 3rd parties such as cell phone companies who know who we call and where we are 24/7, credit card companies who know everything we buy, and internet marketing companies who track our every move online.

However, smart watches go a significant step beyond the vast amount of information already up for grabs every time we scan a customer loyalty card or pay for something by credit card. There is an axiom that once information is given away, it can never be taken back. There is also a rule that once information is given away, it is impossible to control how it is used.

For instance, Japanese Americans dutifully filled out U.S. Census Bureau forms in 1940 never expecting that data to be

Noise Cancelling Headset

The first type of noise cancellation basically occurs whenever anything obstructs the inner ear; this has the effect of dulling our ability to hear whatever’s going on around us. If you put your hands over your ears right now, or you stick your fingers in your ears, the background noise will diminish. This, in a very real sense, is a form of noise cancellation. In this regard, any set of headphones that cover the ear, or even the types that sit inside the ear, effectively cancel out background noise and are therefore ‘noise cancelling’.

The second type of noise cancellation is a little bit more complicated. Typically, these headphones cost more money, but they offset this cost by being rather clever and also very effective. The second type of headphones are those that generate a low-level of white noise around the vicinity of the speaker. The white noise, largely inaudible to the Human ear, creates a sort of ‘sound vacuum’ that eliminates all background noise, allowing you to focus purely on whatever you are listening to.

There is also one more type of noise-cancelling headset, which is the bone-conduction headset (sometimes known as ‘bonephones’), these headphones

Backup iPhone Pictures

First you need to enable the My Photo Stream to create backup of pictures on iCloud: Settings-> iCloud->Photos-> Enable My Photo Stream

• After taking pictures you need to connect to Wi-Fi so that your new pictures are immediately backed up in iCloud

• The iCloud pictures will appear in Photo Stream

Here, you need to remember that the pictures that are there in iCloud cannot be transferred to your system however, you can view them in your iPhone or your iPhoto or your iPad. Another thing is that Photo Stream only offers you with the advantage of keeping recent 1000 pictures. These pictures are stored in iCloud for duration of 30 days. For more than 1000 pictures you will need to synchronize them to iTunes.
Using iTunes

If you are wondering that you need more than what you have for taking backup with iTunes then you are wrong. Taking backup with iTunes is relatively hassle-free and would only require a system, iPhone and USB cable, here is how it is possible:

• Hook up your iPhone using USB cable

• Launch iTunes

• Go to Device-> Backups-> This computer-> Backup

Essentials for Enterprise Mobile App

Keeping it simple and user-friendly: Enterprise application for different business processes should make sure that they are simple, integrated and user-friendly as the consumer mobile application.

Delivers Value to employees: The management needs to make sure that there is proper alignment between the business needs and the value the app delivers.

Makes the business process easier, faster and more accessible: It should increase the efficiency of the employees and should be accessible by all employees in the company. Hiring a dedicated developer or a group could make this process simpler.

Integration with company’s legacy systems: Companies need to see that the mobile apps can be smoothly integrated with the company’s legacy systems such as the ERP. Hire dedicated developers to deliver fast, scalable and appealing enterprise apps.​

Build app keeping end-user/ target audience in mind: Before development, it is essential to understand the behavior of mobile users. These answers help organizations steer the app development efforts towards the fulfillment of user expectations. Hire dedicated developers to build your custom enterprise mobile application fulfilling your business requirements.

Deal With Performance Issues

1) There is no need to retain unused programs. So uninstall them. So how do you do that? Open Control Panel’s “Program and Features” page and go through the list of installed software. Be careful to leave programs your computer’s hardware needs, the publisher listed as PC maker’s name or as Microsoft.

2) Getting rid of temporary files including internet history and cookies should give you a large amount of hard disk space, speeding up your PC. Open “My Computer”, select your hard drive, usually C:/, select the Windows folder and open the folder titled “Temp”. Select all the files that are older than the current date and press delete key. Then go to Recycle Bin on your desktop and empty it.

3) Even if you make sure to regularly clean out all your temporary files, if your hard disk becomes 85% full, it’s going to have a slow effect on your computer’s speed. If you film videos or use your PC for recording television, you will want a hard drive above 1TB in size.

4) Preventing unnecessary startups will speed up the time it takes for the laptop or PC to boot up. Many