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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Look for in Android Phone

1. Design: You want your phone to look good. It should be worth showing around in a party. But along with that, you don’t want it to be too fragile to handle. Obviously, not every phone can be like the sturdy Nokia 1100. That mobile set is a legend. The trend today is having a sleek, 5-inch display smart phone.

2. Battery life: The main problem with phones today is the poor battery life. It takes a full night to get charged and hardly 4 hours to be dead. You can always think of buying an external battery charger. However, the expense of possessing one adds up to your bill. Therefore, while purchasing an Android smart phone, keep in mind the battery life and the battery capacity of the phone.

3. Camera: For most of the people, more megapixels mean a better smart phone. Who doesn’t want a good picture? After all, not everyone knows or wants a DSLR. ABe it posting to social networking sites like Facebook or uploading the pictures in Instagram, taking photos through your smart phone makes things easier. However, do not only look for the number of mega pixels on offer but the lens quality as well as it is not only the number of mega pixels that determine picture quality.

4. Expandable Storage: Some phones do not allow you to expand the storage capacity. So if you have an internal capacity of 16 GB, you cannot add in more storage even if you need it. Most of us use 16 GB for music alone. You need at least 32 GB of storage to store your music and games. Game files can alone can take up storage space of 1 GB or more.

5. OS Version: Android OS names are complex. Did you hear about gingerbread, jelly-bean ice cream and kit-kat? Well, they are some of the names of the Android operating systems we have today. Even though they sound yummy, for a layman they are very complex to understand. Try to go in for the latest Android OS to ensure compatibility with all apps.

Remove Music Album From IDevice

Now that you have a brand new copy of U2’s album in iTunes on your iPod Touch, your Mac your iPhone or your iPad and you want to remove it. Some users might be in shock with the automatic download of the album without any extra effort. However, it is possible to remove it if you follow the steps involved.

Working on iTunes with Desktop

The album has just got automatically downloaded to your iTunes when you accessed it. You can easily get rid of it by Albums-> Songs of Innocence-> Delete, there it is gone. Another thing is about purchases from an automatic download that needs to be stopped too. To do it, navigate to launch iTunes->Preferences-> Store tab and now deselect the option of Downloads box.

The album is available in the purchases of iTunes, if you want to hide it from there too then:

Launch iTunes->Quick Links-> Purchased, when you hover on the album an X mark will appear, click this to hide it.

Working with iDevice

When you open a song file, and you see a cloud icon then it indicates that the song is not currently on your device. This means that no extra space is acquired by the song file on your device as it is on the cloud. You can download it on your device.

If the cloud icon is not present then it means that the song is already in your device, you might have already downloaded it. This means that you can delete it, go to Music app->Album, from within the album you can select each song and swipe them to be deleted.

If the song or album is on the cloud then you can only hide it. To hide it, navigate to Settings-> Music-> Show All Music, and then turn off this option. Now the only music displayed will be the music that is downloaded at your device.

Remote App Installation

Android Users

If you are an Android phone user then you can easily install apps remotely without actually manually getting into the settings of your phone. Here is what you need to do precisely:

• Go to the Google Play store from your Desktop system
• Login the Google account that is registered with your phone
• Go to the app that you would like to install on your phone
• Go to the information page of the app and select the device on which you want to install it
• Hit Installation button, now a dialog box will appear seeking permissions that you need to grant along with drop down list of devices that are tagged with the Google account
• Look through the list carefully and select the device for installing the app.

iOS Users

If you are using the latest iOS 7 even then you can use the feature of remotely installing an app on your device. Apply the following steps to perform the installation remotely:

• Your iOS device comes with a feature that enables remote installation but it should be enabled
• Go to Settings and scroll-> iTunes & App Store
• Go to the section that says Automatic Downloads
• Toggle to Apps slider to enable it, if it turns green then it is enabled
• You can even turn on the automatic updates, toggle to enable the Updates
Now you can choose and download the app on your iPhone, remember as soon as you are done the icon of the app will appear on your Home Screen. This will be after purchasing it from your desktop system.
• Launch iTunes on your desktop system
• Login using your Apple ID and go to the iTunes Store and find the app that you want to install
• As soon as you press the “Install” button the app will be downloaded on your iPhone and your desktop

Don’t Worries With iPad

Not minding the battery percentage

Some people want to be updated all the time and this includes how much battery is left on their iPad. However, this can lead you to be distracted especially when it is running low and you still have a lot of things that you need to do that needs your iPad. This is why having your multiple port iPad charging station with you will make you lessen your worries. If you want to turn the battery percentage, you can go to Settings, General, Usage then swipe the slider of Battery Percentage to Off.

Volume Mute

You may find yourself suddenly scrambling to turn off the sound of your iPad in the middle of a lecture, no need to worry now because the newer models have a lock button at the side which you can switch off anytime. You may also use this to lock the orientation of your screen. Alternatively, you can press down the lower volume button at the side for a few seconds until the sound turns off.

Getting rid of pop-ups like invitations to join WiFi networks

Don’t you hate it when you are in a middle of doing something like watching a movie or playing a game when a window suddenly pops up? This can also drain the iPad’s battery life so in order to extend it, it is best to turn it off. You can go to Settings, WiFi, Ask to Join Networks then swipe the slider to off.