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Backup iPhone Pictures

First you need to enable the My Photo Stream to create backup of pictures on iCloud: Settings-> iCloud->Photos-> Enable My Photo Stream

• After taking pictures you need to connect to Wi-Fi so that your new pictures are immediately backed up in iCloud

• The iCloud pictures will appear in Photo Stream

Here, you need to remember that the pictures that are there in iCloud cannot be transferred to your system however, you can view them in your iPhone or your iPhoto or your iPad. Another thing is that Photo Stream only offers you with the advantage of keeping recent 1000 pictures. These pictures are stored in iCloud for duration of 30 days. For more than 1000 pictures you will need to synchronize them to iTunes.
Using iTunes

If you are wondering that you need more than what you have for taking backup with iTunes then you are wrong. Taking backup with iTunes is relatively hassle-free and would only require a system, iPhone and USB cable, here is how it is possible:

• Hook up your iPhone using USB cable

• Launch iTunes

• Go to Device-> Backups-> This computer-> Backup now

You need to remember one thing that when you are taking backup with iTunes you do not have the choice of selectively taking a backup. Additionally, you can only view your pictures after restoring them to your iPhone. To restore pictures form iTunes backup, you can utilize a program like PhoneRescue.

If you have selectively taken backup of your iPhone pictures then you can easily transfer them to your desktop. All the pictures stored on your iPhone can be sent to your desktop.

Taking Backup to Desktop

It hardly matters which system you are using as your desktop because there are means of transferring your pictures that are lying in the Camera Roll of your iPhone. Even if you are using Windows system you can use the AutoPlay or Windows Explorer. For Mac there are other options like iPhoto, Image Capture, Aperture, and Preview.

One thing that you need to understand here is that you can create a backup of Camera Roll images only. This means that Photo Stream pictures are out of question including My Albums and Photo Library. However, using a tool that will help manage iPhone will give you desired results like iMobie AnyTrans, Here is how it is possible:

• Download and install iMobie AnyTrans program to your desktop system

• Using USB cable connect your iPhone to it

• Launch AnyTrans program and go to Photos to choose the pictures that are already in your device and select the pictures-> choose Mac/ PC option