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Keep Pictures Pretty With Tablet


This is an all in one app as it can also take pictures aside from editing them. It has a built-in stabilizer, which is beneficial for those who have unsteady hands. You can also zoom in to your subjects without going near because it has a 6x zoom function. You can edit a picture that you just took or from your camera roll and apply the many filters available. Pictures can also have built-in borders and can be shared instantaneously with the members of your social network.


This app will let you customize your pictures with over 100 effects, 280 overlays and almost 200 borders. It can also take new pictures if you do not want to edit your existing ones from your Camera roll. The edited pictures can be saved as high-resolution photos that can be printed out later. Your pictures can look like they were taken 50 years ago, oversaturated with colors, or muted in pastels.


You can enjoy almost the same features that you are used to in your favorite desktop photo editor with this app. It can support up to 5 layers and allows adjustment of the image, which includes gradient, color range, and selecting opacity. You can also work around the brightness, contrast, temperature, exposure and saturation. This app is certainly for those who want to have stylized pictures, as the wide range of filters available with this app will overwhelm you

Photoshop Express

Who says Apple has no love for anything Adobe? This is the mobile version of everyone’s favorite desktop photo editor. It can do most of the basic commands like crop, straighten, and apply filters and borders. Of course, the best thing about it is it is free! You would have to purchase some of the more advanced filters and borders though.