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Manage Other Storage in iDevice

iTunes is the place that helps you view different data storage available. You will be able to see date categories as photos, music, books, Apps, podcasts, and TV shows. You can individually check for any of the files to determine the storage space to manage your data. You can remove programs or files accordingly that are space hogging.

As far as other storage is concerned, it is all about data files that are other than iTunes file categories. This includes things like cache from Safari, Mail apps, attachments, e-mails, backup files, reading list, backup files, and files from jail-breaking devices. This is different from the primary data that is why you are not allowed to remove it using iTunes.

Viewing Other Storage

Now, you must be wondering where it is and how to locate it or view it. For this purpose you need to hook up one of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with your Mac or your PC and launch iTunes. Now, you need to click on the device name displayed in the window to get started. When the scanning is complete, go to the orange color bar that shows the memory consumed in other storage.

Steps to Clear Other Storage

If you are thinking of installing applications for erasing other storage memory then you need to know there is a better way of doing it without purchasing any app.
Below mentioned are the instructions to help you clear your other storage:

• Navigate through Settings-> General-> Usage, from here you can easily determine the amount of space consumed by each app, which you will see in the Documents & Data space

• When you reach Documents & Data space you only have two options, first to uninstall the app or clear the offline cache

• For deleting your Safari storage you can go to Settings-> Mail Calendars, Contacts and tap on any given account, then choose Delete Account. When it is clear you can again add it.

Using Restore Option

It might happen that you may come across a trouble like corrupted files that are lying in your other storage. If this is the case then the only thing left to do is Factory Reset but before doing that, you need to take a backup of your device for all the essential files and data that you would want to get back when you start afresh.