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Remote App Installation

Android Users

If you are an Android phone user then you can easily install apps remotely without actually manually getting into the settings of your phone. Here is what you need to do precisely:

• Go to the Google Play store from your Desktop system
• Login the Google account that is registered with your phone
• Go to the app that you would like to install on your phone
• Go to the information page of the app and select the device on which you want to install it
• Hit Installation button, now a dialog box will appear seeking permissions that you need to grant along with drop down list of devices that are tagged with the Google account
• Look through the list carefully and select the device for installing the app.

iOS Users

If you are using the latest iOS 7 even then you can use the feature of remotely installing an app on your device. Apply the following steps to perform the installation remotely:

• Your iOS device comes with a feature that enables remote installation but it should be enabled
• Go to Settings and scroll-> iTunes & App Store
• Go to the section that says Automatic Downloads
• Toggle to Apps slider to enable it, if it turns green then it is enabled
• You can even turn on the automatic updates, toggle to enable the Updates
Now you can choose and download the app on your iPhone, remember as soon as you are done the icon of the app will appear on your Home Screen. This will be after purchasing it from your desktop system.
• Launch iTunes on your desktop system
• Login using your Apple ID and go to the iTunes Store and find the app that you want to install
• As soon as you press the “Install” button the app will be downloaded on your iPhone and your desktop