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Remove Music Album From IDevice

Now that you have a brand new copy of U2’s album in iTunes on your iPod Touch, your Mac your iPhone or your iPad and you want to remove it. Some users might be in shock with the automatic download of the album without any extra effort. However, it is possible to remove it if you follow the steps involved.

Working on iTunes with Desktop

The album has just got automatically downloaded to your iTunes when you accessed it. You can easily get rid of it by Albums-> Songs of Innocence-> Delete, there it is gone. Another thing is about purchases from an automatic download that needs to be stopped too. To do it, navigate to launch iTunes->Preferences-> Store tab and now deselect the option of Downloads box.

The album is available in the purchases of iTunes, if you want to hide it from there too then:

Launch iTunes->Quick Links-> Purchased, when you hover on the album an X mark will appear, click this to hide it.

Working with iDevice

When you open a song file, and you see a cloud icon then it indicates that the song is not currently on your device. This means that no extra space is acquired by the song file on your device as it is on the cloud. You can download it on your device.

If the cloud icon is not present then it means that the song is already in your device, you might have already downloaded it. This means that you can delete it, go to Music app->Album, from within the album you can select each song and swipe them to be deleted.

If the song or album is on the cloud then you can only hide it. To hide it, navigate to Settings-> Music-> Show All Music, and then turn off this option. Now the only music displayed will be the music that is downloaded at your device.